The Ugliest Religion

What exactly is the ugliest religion in the world? I have come in contact with plenty of them and I believe that the absolute ugliest is Christianity! That is right, Christianity! Now you might ask me, why?

Every other religion is created to be a religion, centering on laws and chants and ceremonies and many things that are the very nature of the religion. However, Christianity centers on and in Jesus. Christianity centers on the relationship with the founder, who is not a teacher of new rules but is the Son of God. He was raised from the dead and now lives in and through His followers. The problem is that the list of behaviors to be imitated in Christianity is just too high of an ideal to attain. Since no one can possibly imitate Jesus, Christians, and churches and their leaders have come up with a set of laws that they can imitate to exalt themselves over others.

Take Jesus out of Christianity and it becomes UGLY, or at least a bit goofy.

Why this is important to those that want to create a Legacy that lasts many generations is that our younger people see this and perceive it as hypocritical. Our religious cannot emphasize Jesus, else in so doing they hold up a mode they are not able to imitate. Therefore, they hold up everything else that appears spiritual. You have heard the litany of rules. “Wear a white shirt when you preach or a suit. It allows the Holy Spirit to get out of you easier!” “Jesus said to love your neighbor. That is why I am having an affair with my neighbor.” “A woman is not to enter the sanctuary with anything other than a dress and with her hair covered.” “Command God to give you wealth and health in His name. He has to obey you.” I could go on and on, but to what end?

Christianity can get very ugly.

By bringing Jesus back to the center where He belongs, letting Him live through us and lifting Him up without fear, no religion on earth can comparably measure up to Christianity.

I believe that the world would be very uncomfortable with us doing just that. To lift Jesus up as our focus and life itself, would and does create a very nervous reaction from most of the world. They may very well want to get rid of us, just like they wanted to get rid of Jesus. Do you have the courage to take that risk? Are you willing to tell your children the truth without watering down the words and without discounting your behavior? Are you willing to leave a Legacy of truth and beauty rather than one of ugliness and lies and fear? It is the time for Christians around the world to bravely live the life of Jesus and joyfully, happily live the gospel.

I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abide in Me, and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing.

John 15:5


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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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