The Great Escape Revisited

If you visited my blog last week, you know that the great escape has more to do with addictions than anything else. Last week I talked almost exclusively about alcoholism and leaving a legacy of freedom from the crutches in life. E. Stanley Jones gives an expanding understanding of this escape in defining what it is not.

The illusions of alcohol

  1. It is not a stimulant but a depressant. The Department of Public Instruction of Michigan says, “In the early stages of drinking there seems to be a stimulation, and many people still think of alcohol as a stimulant. This is incorrect.” I think a lot of this perception is due to the dulling of the senses and the loss of self-consciousness. Dr. Robert Fleming of Harvard says, “Wherever the alcohol comes in contact with the tissues, it exerts its characteristic and single effect, which is that of a depressant: alcohol depresses, retards or stops, the functions of any protoplasm upon which it acts directly.”
  2. Alcohol does not increase muscular strength. It is the reason that industry adopted rules against drinking in factories.
  3. Alcohol does not increase warmth. It brings more blood to the surface, where the nerves for perceiving warmth lie, and make one feel warmer, but actually there is a greater loss of heat as a result.
  4. Alcohol does not make you more capable of anything! I don’t think I need to explain. You simply do not function as well with even small amounts of alcohol even though the brain tricks you into thinking you are funnier or more intelligent or agiler.
  5. Alcohol relieves symptoms of inferiority and remorse. No, not actually. Dr. Robert Fleming says, “It is a curious and essential fact that many symptoms which originally owed their existence to the chronic action of alcohol may be temporarily relieved or forgotten by taking more alcohol.”
  6. Don’t think you can take it or leave it, as so many say. The only therapeutic objective that has a chance of success is total abstinence. If you drink long enough, you will become addicted says Dr. Robert Fleming.
  7. Remember that every single addict came out of the ranks of the moderate drinker. If you drink…


Affirmation for today: I am a servant of Christ; I will be slave to nothing else.



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