Raising Godly Children: My Bicycle Has Been Stolen, But I Don’t Care! Someone Gave Me A Car!

As parents, we angst over raising Godly children; even when they are grown (maybe more so). My children grew up in a Christian family and went to a secular university. They both came out questioning their faith. Whether you face the same issue or just the many issues that your children will face (while raising their own children), you may want to change their perspective on life so that they legitimately feel the joy of the Lord.

The thrust of our lives in family is to move to a God-centered legacy that spans generations.

The bicycle represents the flesh in our lives. Michael Wells says, “The experiences in the world testify to the truth (that we need the Lord), the Bible witnesses to it, others explain it, and in the fullness of time, when it becomes revelation clearly seen, a person is prepared to accept Jesus, who so fills the spirit with joy and gladness that the believer is more easily able to lay aside the empty deeds of the flesh, happy to say goodbye to them.”

How do we share, show, and teach our children the truth of those words?

The condition of the flesh is man doing what he wants. Stewardship is doing what the Lord wants. Stewardship is laying aside the flesh, and replacing it with the will of the Lord and His Spirit.

One of the problems that parents face today is the assault on our children’s conscience.

It begins with presenting our fathers, grandfathers, and founding fathers as ignorant, foolish believers. Then we are told (by so many) that family doesn’t matter—only our individual happiness. Sexual purity is out of date. We are not responsible for our own actions; others are making our lives miserable, and we do not have personal responsibility for that.

Thus, there is a greater appetite for drugs, alcohol, and pornography, all calculated to numb our animal existence. The result of all of this is the death of self-love, other love, and the love of creation. When the conscience is put on the back burner, self-protection, other protection, and a whole generation of would be caring parents dies.

We all have read the news and listen to the rhetoric of current worldly wisdom and the younger generation’s music. The conscience of the youth is being snuffed out little by little through television, music, sex, drugs, and everything else that promises the pleasure of animal desires which is very tempting without the wisdom of the Lord.

When it rains on a farm, the feedlot becomes muddy. The sheep and the pigs venture out and both become stuck in the muck. The sheep begin to whine out their displeasure so that someone will save them from the ugliness of the mud. The pigs are quite comfortable simply rolling in it. The sheep are like men with a conscience because they know they are not at home in the muck; the pigs reveal their true character. I wonder that if the pigs could talk—would they make the muck out to be a lofty experience.

I understand that as we talk about inheritance, that many of you are particularly concerned or maybe even miserable about having children “without a conscience.” It is more worrisome than almost any hardship in a parent’s life.

The first chapter of Romans shows how God may give someone over to wicked desires—this is not a time to worry says the Lord. The Lord is our gardener. We have hopefully planted the seed, and God will harvest that seed. God’s power will be revealed in his time. He will protect your family, provide in crisis, work miracles in family members, displace the enemy, and put to shame all worldly wisdom. He seeks us to trust and to follow His wisdom as parents. It is time to expand your faith. It is time to see how big our God is. As we stand in the midst of a world without conscience, be prepared to see our true God become an actuality.

Dear friends, seek Him in all things and you will begin to experience hope. Pray everyday for His children. Remember…remember he owns all. This is something we can do even if we are not without fault. Focus on the Lord and He will heal your children and you…and replace the bicycle with the car.

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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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