For the Christian, Do We Battle Sin or Choice?

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.” Deuteronomy 30:19

As Christians, we are all looking for answers and direction and believe that with the grace of God all will be good. But over the years, I have decided that what God has given us that is unique is a choice. If you tend to blame others or feel trapped or overwhelmed, it is probably because you never made a choice.

We can tell when an alcoholic has really chosen, for choice is not made in the bar or liquor store but before he or she gets there, and stops going. Similarly, we can tell when the struggling homosexual has chosen. His choice is not made at the meeting places but before, and he does not go to them. If you want to stop making judgments, don’t even enter the conversation. The Bible says we are not slaves to sin. But we must choose to live in the light of these truths. The struggle is not with sin, but with a choice.

In our pride, we still believe that sin is holding us down and yet the truth is we have refused to choose the truth.

I say all of this because when we decide on how and what we want to leave as a legacy for our children we are making a choice that not only affects us but future generations.  Are we demonstrating that we are facing life head on with maturity or are we demonstrating that we need a sedative to get us through? Obvious sedatives are drugs, alcohol, and sex, but there are many others more insidious for their comparatively covert nature, such as withdrawal, blame giving, depression, sports, titles, competitiveness, and even computers and video games. By using any of these, we are a person in bondage, not to Jesus but to the sedatives.

We are all responsible for the continuation of a deception that choice is held by God and is not our responsibility.

We cannot blame a counselor, teacher or institution to do for our mate or child what choice can only do. All the institutions, counselors, and churches who promise to turn things around do not offer a money back return. Do you ever wonder why? If God Himself cannot make a person choose, then why do we think we can? Don’t let anyone guilt you into believing that we are in charge of their choices. That is a trap because they will continue to do what they want and covertly manipulate us into taking responsibility for it! We will find ourselves working harder, pleading, watching and attempting to change their behavior, while they are free from responsibility. Don’t let that happen.

How can a Christian who says he is addicted to pornography choose when and where to watch pornography so no one sees them? Is that addiction or choice? How can a drug addict not be able to choose to not take drugs when he or she chooses to purchase them and chooses to do them out of sight? We all hate to be confronted with the truth, but we are doing exactly what we want to do and choose to do. We simply do not want to choose the right thing. Is that what you want to pass on to your children as a model of how to live your life? Do you really want to leave a legacy of being a victim of some bad choices?

Bottom line is that we have to pick between the words of Jesus or the voice of the flesh. When we CHOOSE the flesh, it is an inescapable fact that we have chosen bondage and have chosen the side that resists the spirit.

Some may say that it was not their choice to be molested or have an alcoholic parent or spouse or to have been abandoned or unloved or much more. Quite true, and I know that most would react to those things out of instinct and survival. However, with maturity, we choose what reaction we will have to such events. God is with us in all of those events and wants us to turn to Him and not remain victims or blame others. We can choose to be miserable, to make others pay, to live a life of self-hatred, or to try to undo the past by trusting in God.

The choice is greater than the past and maybe, just maybe, God has allowed these things to happen to us so that we turn more directly to Him for all our happiness and fulfillment.

In my next blog I will help you choose life or death and choose between blessing someone or cursing them and why these decisions are critical to you leaving a legacy of love and blessings versus a legacy of confusion and dependence.



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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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