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  • I Am Sorry

    I Am Sorry

    The lessons we learn are often the result of disappointments, hurts, and mistakes that we make. In fact, I would venture to say that for me, that is the only time I learn these lessons. I have been told that I am a nerd and that I think too much. True! I admit that I like to intellectualize everything and come up with solutions and discover truths. Maybe; some of that serves me well and is important for my work and for my faith.

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  • Is there a God?

    Is There A God?

    Last Week I started a series of 7 questions you need to answer before you can leave a meaningful legacy to your children. Until you can answer these questions well, you will leave a paper-thin legacy that does not have the foundation to move through the generations.s to these seven questions:

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  • Life's Important Questions

    Life’s Important Questions

    I am in the process of writing another book on the seven secrets of a lasting Christian Legacy. Before any thought of leaving a legacy for your children, you might want to consider them because they are questions your children will want to know your answers for. Over the next 7 weeks, I am going to help you discover your answers to these seven questions:

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  • Jesus_Rises_From_The_Dead

    Jesus Rises From The Dead: Really?

    Even the Roman historians talk about Jesus and his life on earth. The issue for most non-believers is the Resurrection. Is this important to our belief system? It is the most important fact of our faith! It is only the Christian God that became man and rose from the dead. Budda and Mohammed are dead.  Joseph Smith is dead and the Jews are still waiting for a savior. So, the resurrection is the most pivotal event in history and source of all Christian belief.

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  • The Message of Christianity

    The Message of Christianity

    Abe’s story is the story of God and his ownership of us. He created us and has bought us back at a heavy cost…the death of his son. This is the message of the Bible, but I want to share another message that might resonate more with our children, who in so many cases have rejected the first message.

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  • Life_After_Death

    Life After Death

    What does it take to leave a Legacy to our children that is profoundly impactful to them, the grand kids and possibly even generations to come? Is it possible to do so even if your children are currently lost? Can your past mistakes be overcome? Would if you have been divorced once or twice? Is there a time when your efforts to move a God centered Legacy forward should be abandoned?

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  • At_The_End_of_the_day

    At The End Of The Day

    How would you answer these: The one who became poor so that… The pathway to lasting honor is… At the end of the day… The answers will help you create a legacy that matters.  Mark 13 is framed by the introduction of two women. At the end of chapter 12 there is a widow’s offering to which Jesus draws His disciple’s attention. Jesus is demonstrating here the way to measure a gift.  It's by sacrifice, not amount. Jesus is trying to pound into the mind of His disciples what it means to be committed to the Kingdom.

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  • A Valentine To Remember

    A Valentine To Remember

    I write this blog on Valentine ’s Day.  I am a hopeless romantic and I overwhelm my wife with cards, candy, notes, flowers and dinner, but I can’t help but wonder if what I do is just a moment in time and does not reflect what I feel and believe.  I wonder if what God calls us to is not much more.

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